We are Blacksburg's premiere canine and feline boarding facility!

We also offer "In-Home Pet Sitting". Please visit the individual page for the variety of packages we offer for this service.

Check out our "Game Day Specials" for all your Hokie game day pet needs!

                                   Canine Lodging
Each guest will reside in a private condo or suite:
    * Suit
es and Condos vary in size depending on the
       size of the guest
    * Stereo system with speakers set up all around the
       suites to provide
       calming music to our guests.  
    * Interior is designed to absorb noise
    * Community Condos available for small pets who enjoy
    * Bedtime Treats
    * Minimum of 4 exercise periods per day

Feline Lodging
    * Custom built condos with multiple activity levels
    * Outdoor views of feathered and furry friends makes
       daydreaming easy
    * Frequent personal interaction with staff
    * Bedtime treats
    * Single level senior condos are available too!

Pricing Guidelines

Overnight Lodging:

     * Canines - 1 to 20 lbs.                      $ 30.00/night

     * Canines - 21 to 45 lbs.                    $ 35.00/night 

     * Canines - 46 to 75 lbs.                    $ 40.00/night 

     * Canines - 76 to 110 lbs.                  $ 45.00/night 

     * Canines - 111 to 150 lbs                 $ 50.00/night

     * Canines - 151 lbs +                         $ 55.00/night

     * Felines                                             $ 18.00/night

     * Small Caged Animals                        $10.00/night

20% discount for multiple family guests staying in the same suite or condo

*Additional 10% given when pet(s) board 6-10 overnights and an extra 20% given when pet(s) board 11+ overnights.*

Required Vaccinations for Guests
Canine: Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP
Feline: Rabies, FVRCP and FeLV


                                   Canine Day Camp


Our Canine Day Camp program was created for canines who spend long hours alone at home due to family schedules, canines with special need, or those who simply love interaction.

            Day Camp Hours:                                                                  Day Camp Pricing:

Monday - Friday: 7AM - 6PM                                          $10 for 6 hours or less of play

 Saturday - Sunday: Closed                                         $20 for 6 hours or more of play

We also offer a 10 day package for $140 breaking each price down to $7 (6 hours or less) and $14 (6 hours or more) a day. We prefer to have the full 10 day card used within 30-45 days from date of purchase. Please check out our Doggie Day Camp page for more information or our Facebook Page to see pictures of our day campers at play!

Salon and Spa Services

Healthy skin and beautiful coats are the goals of our Groomer. Megan strives to keep a relaxing and friendly environment during your pets groom. Specialty and all natural shampoos and conditioners are available. Please check out our Professional Grooming page for more information.