Boarding Checklist:

  •  Leash
  •  Bedding
  •  T-shirt (home scent)
  •  Toys
  •  Food
  •  Treats
  •  Meds (if needed)
  •  Updated Vaccines
  •  Your pet ☺

Heartstrings is a completely off-leash facility that strives to make all guests as comfortable as possible. 


Large Dog Boarding
For your canine companions, we offer individual suites of various sizes to accommodate all guests comfortably. Our facility consists of 17 suites varying in sizes for your 35lb and over dogs. We have 5X6 foot rooms, 6X7 foot rooms, 8X8 foot rooms, and 8X15 foot rooms. Each dog will be provided with his/her own water bowl in their room at all times. Heartstrings provides bedding (blankets, sheets, bedding, carpets), but feel free to bring in your dogs bed from home if it makes him/her feel more comfortable. We can also provide pre-shredded bedding for those who tend to destroy theirs during their visit, and we may replace your personal bedding with ours if we notice destructive behaviors to save their own. Pictured below are all four room sizes with Ruger, a 52lb Lab, posing for a size comparison.




Large Dog Playtime
Our facility is all off leash to allow your canine family to play outside together* in our 1.5 acre fenced yard. Heartstrings provides four walks a day: 8AM,11AM, 3PM, and 5PM.  Each outing is supervised by staff members and is guaranteed to be at least 30 minutes long.  However, if the weather permits we typically keep the dogs outside for closer to 45 minutes or an hour.  The dogs also always have access to water both in their suites and outside playing. 

*Your dog's sociability will be taken into account and they will be placed into a group that best fits their personality before venturing outside. Currently, we have three groups: unsocial, small, and big. Using this system helps us accommodate each dog's social needs as best as possible and also drastically cuts down on altercations that may take place during play.

Your pet does not need to be social with others to board at our facility. Instead of going outside with a group, they will be given access to the yard with staff only as well as any family members that are boarding with them. Like our social groups, they are allowed 30 minutes to an hour to play and do their business (weather permitting). This group includes dogs that are dog-aggressive, cannot interact with others due to medical reasons, or simply do not enjoy social time.

Our small group typically consists of older and calmer dogs. These individuals tend to "do their own thing" and aren't very invasive of others' space or comfort zones, but still like to mingle. Typically, shy, nervous, low-activity, and/or arthritic dogs make up the majority of this group. Sometimes new clients will be socialized with these dogs at first so we can assess their activity level and decide which group they would benefit from the most.


Lastly, a big group contains enthusiastic players and very social individuals who tend to do well in a dog park-like environment. Often these dogs enjoy zealous play and romping about with a large group of others like them. On weekdays, this group also has the chance to play for several hours with our day camp kids out in the yard to experience even more fun (weather permitting)!