Doggie Day Camp 

Day Camp is open Monday-Friday from 7AM-6PM (as well as on VT Home Game days). Bring your little social butterflies to Heartstrings for a fun day of play! It's perfect for dogs who may be home all day because their owners are at work, need extra playtime, or those who just want to come out and have some fun! The day campers have an entire building available to them which is attached to an outside run.  Day campers can go outside anytime they please but also have shade and shelter if they want it. Our Day Camp building is also heated and air conditioned to keep the pups comfortable in all types of weather. During our 11AM and 3PM walks, our day camp group is able to go to the big yard and play with their boarding friends! A few of our staff members are dedicated to running the day camp program so your dog is always supervised. A trial day (or half day) is recommended but not required for all new day campers to make sure they fit with the program and get along well with others.

*Press the "play" button below to view some pictures of our happy day campers.  Also be sure to check out our Facebook page for more pictures and videos of Day Campers and boarders at play! (updated daily)

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